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What Does an Evap Look Like?

Evaps evaps evaps….words I actually hate with a passion! Now for those of you who like myself really examine every hpt you take (teehee) I have included a picture of an evap for you. Now this a photo of an evaporation line on a pregnancy test which is an IC (internet cheapy).

Now how can you tell the difference between an evap and a faint positive? Ok so once you have peed on your test, or dipped etc check the time limit – ie some say read within 5 minutes some say within 10 minutes. Set your timer!

Now check the following:

1. If the controle line has appeared carry on. If not ditch the test and take another as this means its faulty! Put the test down on a flat clean surface

2. Once the control line has appeared say after 1 to 2 mins and the background colour is white take a look at your test.

3. If you see a line, which has no colour…it’s an evap

4. If you see a line, which looks like an indentation ….it’s an evap

5. If you see a line, which is grey …yip sorry girls it’s an evap

6. Now if you see a faint line, which has colour ie pink or blue (depending on the test you are using) it is a faint BFP! WOOHOO

7. If you see a line that has no colour and it appears after the time limit, discard it, now this is hard I know but evaps are known to appear after the time limit as well as before in some cases.

8. White lines on a pregnancy test are evaps too.

So the golden rules are: your 2nd line needs colour! if it is fant that is ok as long as there is colour. If it appears after the time limit throw it away.

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What is an Evap?

Evaporation lines, evaps, evap lines, ghost lines….these are something you may see other women talking about who are trying to conceive and taking pregnancy tests.

Ok so let me try to explain. Say you buy a cheap internet strip test, (Internet Cheapy = IC) which is basically a strip you dip into a pot of wee.

You dip the stick into your urine sample, and watch the pink dye make its way over the strip. The control line, will and should turn pink right away. You leave the test for a minute (or during the allocated testing time, ie 3 minutes, 5 minutes ect).

Once the test is done you may think you can see a second line, but are not sure. This is something I used to do all the time as a pee on a stick addict (poasa) lol

If you see a line which looks like a watermark, and has no colour to it, or is grey or white in colour it is most likely an evap line. This is when the strip has dried and the antibodies that are used to create HPTs are slightly visible. Unfortunately, you need to take this as BFN, (big fat negative).

If you see a line after the recommended reading time this is often an evap as well. So my advice is to throw it in the bin…yes you can do it 🙂 ….and simply test again in the morning or a few days later if you can wait.

Unfortunately, evaps are common, but if you are unsure if it is an evap or not simply test again the next day with a new HPT.

Hope this helps…you can also send me your picture too if you are unsure and I will post it on my blog so you can get some other opinions.

Sophie xx

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OV is Here – the Sexathon Begins!

CD16 – Today I have started to experience OV pains also known as Mittelshermz. From the moment I woke up this morning I have been feeling a dull pain on my right tummy area. It almost feels like I can feel my right ovary working – if that makes sense. Throughout the day this pain comes and goes, and during the entire day I am feeling a tightening, pulling sensation in my tummy and back area. I quickly do an OV test in the evening at 9.30pm and this is negative.

The next morning CD17 OV pains are starting to fade slightly, and I cave in and do an OV test at 8.30am – which is negative (ie no line). Oh and by the way, you can get really accurate ovulation tests at Amazon, like I did.

I test again at 1.30pm on the same day and have a faint line, which means I am almost there. I take another test at 6.30pm and this is positive – ie the line is the same colour as the control line. I have also a slight presence of EWCM, ie clear cervical mucus, which I can stretch for around 2 inches (this is fertile mucus as sperm can travel easily through it). Therefore this night we DTD, we also did it the night before too.

The next day CD18 I test and have only a faint line, thus my surge is starting to go.

These days are those in which we made sure we had sex, as well as every other day for about a week leading up to OV. Sperm can live for around 3 to 7 days, so if you don’t manage to have sex on the exact day of OV don’t worry too much.

Sophie x

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CD11 – Time to Start OV Testing!

CD11 – My ovulation sticks finally arrived today so this means I can finally see how my little egg is coming along (if at all).  In the time I have been awaiting my delivery, I have been able to do some research on these tests and how they work.

These tests work in the opposite way pregnancy tests do. Instead of taking them in the morning with your first pee of the day, you should really take them later on say from 6pm onwards. As this is when your LG levels are strongest. I got some ovulation tests from Amazon, which I thought was a really good deal and boy am I getting through them quick!

So I popped to the loo around 7pm, and pee’d in the little plastic container you get with the tests. Open the sachet with the stick in and carefully in goes the stick, being very careful not to dip above the max line – as this can void your test. Hold the stick in your pee for around 30 seconds or so.

That part done, lay the test flat on to a dry clean surface. So no what are we looking for???

The control line will be the first to come up, ie a pink dark line, this will be the line closest to the green bit you hold. Now this is the important bit. If you are close to OV another line may appear but here is how you should read it….pay close attention as it is important you understand the results:

No second Line = you are not surging, or ovulating yet

A faint second line, lighter in colour than the control line = you are close to ovulating, but not quite there yet.

A second line which is the same shade, or darker than the control line = grab your OH and get bonking like there is no tomorrow because your egg is just about to be released in the next 24 hours!

On this particular test I had no line, so was not Oving, but DTD this night anyway 🙂

If you get a faint line, then try testing twice a day, and keep a hold of your test as you should see the line get darker each day.

I will be taking a test each day until I get a faint line.

In terms of where to buy these sticks I got mine from amazon for under £10, if you can buy quite a few as you will need them from around CD10 that is if you want to use OV tests.

Sophie x

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