What Does an Evap Look Like?

Evaps evaps evaps….words I actually hate with a passion! Now for those of you who like myself really examine every hpt you take (teehee) I have included a picture of an evap for you. Now this a photo of an evaporation line on a pregnancy test which is an IC (internet cheapy).

Now how can you tell the difference between an evap and a faint positive? Ok so once you have peed on your test, or dipped etc check the time limit – ie some say read within 5 minutes some say within 10 minutes. Set your timer!

Now check the following:

1. If the controle line has appeared carry on. If not ditch the test and take another as this means its faulty! Put the test down on a flat clean surface

2. Once the control line has appeared say after 1 to 2 mins and the background colour is white take a look at your test.

3. If you see a line, which has no colour…it’s an evap

4. If you see a line, which looks like an indentation ….it’s an evap

5. If you see a line, which is grey …yip sorry girls it’s an evap

6. Now if you see a faint line, which has colour ie pink or blue (depending on the test you are using) it is a faint BFP! WOOHOO

7. If you see a line that has no colour and it appears after the time limit, discard it, now this is hard I know but evaps are known to appear after the time limit as well as before in some cases.

8. White lines on a pregnancy test are evaps too.

So the golden rules are: your 2nd line needs colour! if it is fant that is ok as long as there is colour. If it appears after the time limit throw it away.

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