My TTC update

Hi All,

Sorry I have not posted in a while, I have simply had so much going on, but I promise I am back and have loads of new posts for you! If you have anything you would like me to blog about please let me know and I will see what I can do.

So as I mentioned there has been a huge amount of stuff going on since my last post.

  • In May I got my BFP! However, I miscarried in June 2011
  • My cycles vanished completely, and since then I have not had a period at all, sooo frustrating!
  • I got so fed up (yip this is normal) that I went to see my GP in Jan 2012
  • After an internal scan (ouch!) and several blood tests I was diagnosed with PCOS
  • It has been 32 days since I found out I have pcos, and 32 days since I have been taking 1500 mg  of Metformin a day.

Still no period, but I did get a positive OPK yesterday – woohoo.

So as you can see loads has happened. What I will do is create a few new posts to go into a bit more detail of each bullet point, as I think it would help some of you ladies are may be in a similar position. I spent ages looking online to find answers which I couldn’t find so I’m going to create them myself for you 🙂

Sophie x


Food That Increases Fertility

Besides keeping fit, charting, observing cp and cm you can also increase your chance of getting pregnant by eating the right foods and avoiding the bad ones. This is something both you and your partner can do and helps you get into the right healthy eating habit for when you get pregnant. Here are some quick suggestions of what you should eat and what you try to limit:

Good Foods:

Switch your white bread, rice and pasta to brown or wholemeal. Choosing brown will give your daily intake of zinc and fibre a massive boost – which is great for boosting fetility for both men and women and is also needed during pregnancy.

Try to have around 8 portions of fruit or veg each day, preferably those which are organic as these are free of pesticides. Now I know 8 portions may sound alot but really it is simple. For instance, breakfast could be a fruit salad with a banana, apple, grapes and an orange (there’s 4 portions). At lunch you could have another piece of fruit and some salad ( there’s another 2 portions). Then for tea if you had grilled chicken, potatoes and some peas (there’s 2 more) – and there you have it 8 portions of fruit and veg easy!

Fish such as salmon and mackerel and items such as sunflower seeds contain fats. Now the types of fats I mean arn’t chip butties I’m afraid but good fats, which are essential to keep you, your partner and futre baby healthy!

Foods to Limit

Items such as caffeine, raw fish, uncooked eggs should be eaten in moderation. Whilst the point is not to go on a diet but to have a healthy diet you should try your best to limit these items if you can. Caffeine in particular has been shown to reduce fertility so if you are a tea or coffee lover try to cut down if you can. One cup a day should be ok – after all you need to be able to stick to your new eating plan so don’t feel guilty over one latte !

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Today’s Baby Making Sex Position!

There have been lots of questions submitted recently about sex positions during baby making, so I have decided to include a regular post with pictures of sex positions we can try when trying to conceive. I have browsed the net and picked some that provide deep penetration, to maximise your chances of getting pregnant, along with an image and quick guide. These are also easy to do, and will help you spice up your sex life…which is always a bonus.

Standing Tiger

1. Once you are ready for intercourse, (and have already applied your sperm friendly lube if needed) you should get yourself on all fours, like you would do doggy style. The difference here is you need to pop yourself at the end of the bed.

2. Slightly arch your lower back towards the ceiling, and keep your knees together. This will create a tighter feeling in your vagina, thus will be more pleasurable for your and your partner. If it is too tight then slightly part your knees until you feel comfortable and once you get into the swing of it then bring your knees together a bit later.

3. Instead of your partner kneeling on the bed behind you whilst entering you, Instead have him stand at the bottom of the bed on the floor. This will help him thrust deeper.

TIPS: To make this position even more enjoyable your partner or yourself can stimulate your clitorous whilst he enters your too. Once your partner and yourself have orgasmed, to give his little swimmers the best chance of reaching your cervix, simply lie down on your back for 10 mins…which is also a great opportunity to enjoy a snuggle afterwards.

Enjoy! x

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What Does an Evap Look Like?

Evaps evaps evaps….words I actually hate with a passion! Now for those of you who like myself really examine every hpt you take (teehee) I have included a picture of an evap for you. Now this a photo of an evaporation line on a pregnancy test which is an IC (internet cheapy).

Now how can you tell the difference between an evap and a faint positive? Ok so once you have peed on your test, or dipped etc check the time limit – ie some say read within 5 minutes some say within 10 minutes. Set your timer!

Now check the following:

1. If the controle line has appeared carry on. If not ditch the test and take another as this means its faulty! Put the test down on a flat clean surface

2. Once the control line has appeared say after 1 to 2 mins and the background colour is white take a look at your test.

3. If you see a line, which has no colour…it’s an evap

4. If you see a line, which looks like an indentation ….it’s an evap

5. If you see a line, which is grey …yip sorry girls it’s an evap

6. Now if you see a faint line, which has colour ie pink or blue (depending on the test you are using) it is a faint BFP! WOOHOO

7. If you see a line that has no colour and it appears after the time limit, discard it, now this is hard I know but evaps are known to appear after the time limit as well as before in some cases.

8. White lines on a pregnancy test are evaps too.

So the golden rules are: your 2nd line needs colour! if it is fant that is ok as long as there is colour. If it appears after the time limit throw it away.

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CM After Ovulation?

Ok, so for those who have already ovulated you may find yourself wondering what your cervical mucus should be like now. Well unfortuantley there is no way to tell you what it should be like, as each of us are very different….and trust me I know it is a pain in the arse to hear that!

Some women may find that they produce no cm after ovulation, some find they have ewcm after ovulation and some like me have white lotion like cm after ovulation. The harsh reality is that you can’t really look too much into CM after ovulation, especially as a sign of pregnancy as it can really vary depending on each of us. The same goes for cervical position after ovulation. After a little research I have read that as ovulation approaches your cervix is open, and as your period approaches your cervix often drops low. I have tried monitoring my own cm and cp, but if I am honest with you girls it is not something I would rely on as one minute mines up and the next it is down! What a nightmare eh!

All I can say is as long as your cm (cervical mucus) does not have a bad odor etc (which would indicate an infection) do not worry to much!

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No EWCM During Ovulation?

I have been receiving alot of questions from ladies wanting to know what if they have no egg white cervical mucus during ovulation?

First of all let me tell you not to worry! this is actually really common, and something that happens to me also. Some ladies will not even notice the presence of ewcm, and some of us will. If you do not notice it, it could well be the case that it might be right up there near your cervix, so checking your cervical position (cp) around ovulation may be an idea.

Or you could be like myself and not actually produce alot of it during ov, until during or after you have sex. I personally find that around ovulation I have alot of EWCM when having sex…which is actually really good as sperm will have a greater chance of reaching your cervix and then entering your uterus!

Now what if you never see or feel and fertile mucus? Again please don’t worry this is normal too! For you ladies I would recommend getting yourself some sperm friendly lubricant such as pre-seed or conceive plus. You get a little applicator and before you have se, just pop to the bathroom and use one application. This acts as ewcm, so if you don’t produce enough on your own pre-seed or conceive plus will help sperm move up through your cervix during ovulation. Plus it is pretty reasonable at around a tenner!

Good luck x

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Sperm Friendly Lubricant for Baby Making Sex

It is common amongst many women that they feel like they need a little help when it comes to lube during sex, which is important when you are trying to have a baby.

As more and more women are planning for pregnancy, there are now a wealth of products online for you to buy that are safe to use when TTC.

For instance, lubes such as Pre-seed and Conceive Plus contain Magnesium Ions and Calcium, which are essential for helping sperm live longer and swim easily.

These products will also mimic fertile cervical mucus, so if you find you have cervical mucus that does not stretch, or is not abundant these products can help.

Alternatively, you can try using warm water instead. If you can avoid normal lubricants or baby oil during sex, as these can actually slow sperm down, and even be too harmful to sperm thus will sometimes reduce sperm quality or even kill them.

Sophie x

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How to Improve EW Cervical Mucus

Like myself, many women find that they do not produce a lot of fertile cervical mucus around the time of ovulation.

This is completely normal, and the good news is there are many ways in which you can enhance the amount of EWCM you produce. So here are some ways in which you can try, without having to spend a fortune:

  • Drink lots of water each day
  • Improve your diet, make sure you are not over indulging in cabs or fatty foods. Do not go on a diet instead make sure you have a good balanced diet.
  • Take a teaspoon of cough medicine, only occasionally!
  • Try to take 2,000mg of evening primrose oil, however DO NOT TAKE THIS AFTER OVULATION!!!! This is very important as it can prevent implantation! So only try this for the first few days of your cycle, and not past cd 5!
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Fertile Cervical Mucus

When trying to conceive some women monitor their cervical mucus. There is nothing wrong with getting to know your body, in fact when trying to start a family it is actually a great thing.

Around the time of ovulation women will start to produce fertile cervical mucus. So what is it? Basically, think of egg whites. This type of CM is typically clear, and see through. If you touch it you will find that you can stretch it very easily between your fingers to lengths of more than 1 inch.

It is egg white cervical mucus (EWCM) that helps sperm swim very easily once you have sex, so it helps greatly to have plenty of this when TTC.

Some women will find that they get this just before they ovulate, some women will get it just after. Sometimes you may even get this just before your period is about to start. I find that recording your cycle and presence of CM and its changes throughout the month helps you to fully understand what your cycle is like. Every woman is different so just because one person gets EWCM before OV, and you get it after, it does not mean anything bad, so don’t worry 🙂

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How Many Times Should You Have Sex When TTC?

If you want to have a baby, you of course need to have sex to do so..but have you ever wondered how many times is enough?

It is very true that in a lot of cases it only takes once, hence there are so many unplanned pregnancies recorded all over the world, but if you are actively trying to have a baby having sex more often will of course help increase your chances.

First you need to determine when are your most fertile days. You should make an extra effort to have sex around this time, which is generally around 14 days after the first day of your most recent period.

Many women, start to have baby making sex from cd10, which is 10 days from the first day of your last period. This is also the day in which many women will often start using ovulation tests (OPKs) to determine when they are going to actually ovulate.

You do not have to use these tests, and regardless if you do or not it is recommended that when trying to conceive you try to have sex every other day. Sperm can live for up to 7 days, however, studies have shown that in order to keep supplies fresh and at their healthiest you should try to have sex every 48 hours. If you can’t do so, then every 3 days should be ok too.

So this month for instance I will be having sex from cd10, and continue to do so every other day for about 1 to 2 weeks! I should mention though, do not put too much pressure on yourself, if you don’t feel like making love that night, then don’t as it is very important that you both have fun.

Don’t keep saying to yourself or your partner, I am going to ovulate we need to do it, as this can put a lot of unnecessary pressure on you both. Just relax, and do it when you both can….as at the end of the day it does only take one time of sex and one sperm around your fertile time to conceive.

Good luck

Sophie x

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